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Siemens Automation Technology - Overview

Automation Systems

The market defines the conditions, now more than ever:

  • Short delivery dates
  • Flexible batch sizes
  • Competitive prices
  • Assured quality

And the answer is: Shorter processing and retooling times, cost minimization, innovation and greater productivity. With automation technology "made by Siemens", even the most complex requirements can be met.

SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring Systems

With the innovative human machine interface products, HMI solutions in the machine-level area and SCADA solutions can be implemented even faster, more cost-effectively, and more efficiently.

Efficiency at a new level is ensured by the complete range of engineering and visualization software, with SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal), SIMATIC WinCC and SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, as well as the high-luminance, rugged operator panel families of SIMATIC HMI and SIMATIC IPC, for panel-based visualization as well as for PC-based single-user and multi-user solutions.

SIMATIC HMI – Efficient to a new level


Identification Systems

Identification systems help companies to keep ahead in ever dynamic markets: Automatic data acquisition by means of RFID or 1D and 2D codes makes it possible to meet the constantly increasing demands for production control, material flow control, asset management, tracking and tracing, and supply chain management. Siemens provides the key technology you need for this purpose. As a global leading vendor of identification systems with more than 25 years of profound technology and industry know-how, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of RFID systems and code reading systems – from a single source. With us as a partner, you rely on simple system integration in the automation and IT level and also technologically neutral application consulting


Industrial Communication

SIMATIC NET offers all the components necessary for an integrated complete solution and supports the following bus systems:

Industrial Ethernet (IEEE[nbsp]802.3 und 802.11 WLAN) – the international standard for area networking is currently the number one network in the LAN environment with a share of over 90%. Industrial Ethernet enables powerful communication networks to be constructed over wide areas.

The international standard PROFINET (IEC[nbsp]61158/61784) uses Industrial Ethernet and allows real-time communication all the way to the field level, but also integrates the enterprise level. With the full utilization of existing IT standards, PROFINET also allows isochronous motion control applications, efficient cross-manufacturer engineering and high availability of machines and plants on the Industrial Ethernet. PROFINET supports distributed automation (and controller-controller communication) and it allows fail-safe applications.

PROFIBUS (IEC[nbsp]61158/61784) – the international standard for the field level is the global market leader among fieldbus systems. It is the only fieldbus to allow communication both in manufacturing applications and in process-oriented applications.

AS-Interface (IEC[nbsp]62026-2/EN[nbsp]50295) – the international standard which, as an alternative to the cable harness, links especially cost-effective sensors and actuators by means of a two-wire line.

the standard for intelligently connecting sensors and actuators from the field level to the MES level.

The global standard KNX/EIB (EN 50090, ANSI EIA 776) is the basis for building automation.

Network transitions are implemented via controllers or links. Configuration and diagnostics can be performed from any point in the plant.


Industrial Controls

SIRIUS Modular System

SIRIUS has long been synonymous world-wide with industrial controls, and was a trendsetter in this field from the very beginning.

The SIRIUS modular system with its components for the switching, starting, protection and monitoring of motors and industrial systems stands for the fast, flexible and space-saving construction of control cabinets.

The consistent further development of SIRIUS takes even better account of current market requirements, particularly the call for fewer variants, greater flexibility and reduced cost and time. The advantages for you are: higher productivity and cost efficiency in your Company.


PC-based Automation


Process control Systems

characteristics is an ideal basis for the cost-effective implementation of process control plants and their economical operation over the entire lifecycle.

Integrated within Siemens' Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), a complete range of perfectly matched products, systems and solutions for all sectors of the production, process and hybrid industries, it is essential for the hierarchically integrated automation of the entire process chain of the company – from incoming goods to outgoing logistics.

Specifically extended by seamless integration of additional functions, e.g. for batch process automation, material transport control, advanced process control, asset management, telecontrol and security applications, process data analysis/management, or MES tasks, SIMATIC PCS[nbsp]7 already offers far more than a typical process control system.

As if that were not enough, system properties such as modularity, flexibility, scalability and openness offer the ideal conditions for integrating supplementary components and solutions - the "add-ons" for SIMATIC PCS[nbsp]7 - into the process control system on a practical basis. The add-ons developed in-house by Siemens or by external partners for special automation tasks are aimed at extending the range of applications of the process control system and thereby enhancing its status.

In order to hold our ground in international competition driven by globalization, it is necessary to increase the productivity of plants on a continuous basis, while at the same time minimizing product launch times. In this context, it is essential to modernize aging automation plants and migrate them on a step-by-step basis into the latest generation of contr


Sensor Systems

With Sensor Systems, Siemens offers you a complete portfolio of sensor technology that is totally unique: Our solutions cover the most diverse applications and requirements. With each of our innovative products, you are backing the sound technology and sector know-how of Siemens, the world market leader in the automation sector.
Sensor Systems are part of Totally Integrated Automation, our comprehensive range of products and systems for automation in every sector.
Against the background of constantly increasing requirements, we are consistently driving technological advances in sensor systems. With the focus clearly on precise measurement results and the reliable control of all processes


Power Supplies


Products for specific requirements

SIPLUS products and systems for specific markets and extraordinary requirements stand for a high degree of ruggedness, efficiency and flexibility