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Siemens Drive Technologies Overview

The variable-speed drives from Siemens Drive Technologies are available in a variety of versions which cover all the requirements of modern industrial applications. The range extends from low-cost versatile converters for small performance capacities through reliable large drives in the megawatt range up to highly dynamic drives for machine tools and production machines.



The AC converters comprise the following:

  • standard converters for simple applications such as e.g. pumps and fans
  • converters and inverters for single- and multi-motor drives and systems for high-performance applications.

They can be applied continuously from 24 V to 690 V and from 60 W to 2.3 MW.



Here you will find low-voltage and servomotors from 0.06 kW to 1000 kW.

The engine spectrum includes the versions:

  • three-phase asynchronous motors
  • synchronous servomotors
  • Special versions, like linear and stepper motors
  • Geared motors for standard applications


Geared Motors


Flender Gear Units

The possibilities offered by our gear units will convince you. Our powerful standard gear units can be universally used in many fields of application. Our application-related gear units are highly specialized and standardized designs for particular industry sectors.
With our standard and application-related gear units you benefit above all from the excellent price-performance ratio, the first-class quality and the short delivery times.

Find out for yourself the advantages you can gain from our expertise in customer-specific solutions.



The mechanical drive train comprises individual units such as motor, gear unit and driven machine. The coupling connects these component assemblies.
As well as the transmission of rotary motion and torque, other requirements may be made of the coupling:

  • Compensation for shaft misalignment where restorative forces are low
  • Compensation for shaft displacement with low restorative forces
  • Control of characteristic angular vibration frequency and damping
  • Interruption or limitation of torque
  • Noise insulation, electrical insulation


Selection and engineering tool

Siemens supports you in identifying savings potential, and enables analysis of the energy efficiency of products and applications. Whether you need to configure simple drive components or engineer complex drive systems and solutions, our range of tools can supply professional tools for the job. Siemens is also your reliable partner for commissioning and diagnostics.


Further Components